modeling and acting guide


Articles within this guide are targeted towards aspiring candidates and newcomers, who are speculating their chances of success for modeling and acting in India and are exploring relevant opportunities. Our sole intention is to help you find and connect with right people, and make an informed decision. We may sound very straightforward and a little rude at times, but that is what truth sounds like.

Due to extremely diverse and everchanging factors we do not have control on, we can not guarantee the accuracy of any article within the guide. You may follow the advice at your own discretion. Simply speaking, we are just sharing what we have been learning in this business. If the article does not concern you, it simply means that you are not our target reader. In that case you are welcome to navigate to somewhere else.

However if you find it helpful or want to ask a relevant question, you are welcome. Since the article is written in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner with good intentions to help the concerned, we are not necessarily open to criticism but we may respond, provided your opinion comes in a relevant and decent fashion and brings value to the topic in order to benefit the target readers.

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