This category displays profiles of newcomer male fresh faces who have made their debut recently into modeling or acting. It may include both Indian as well as international newcomer male models. Individuals in this category probably do not even have a professional portfolio, but are enlisted probably because they exude some potential.

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Profile published on : January 15, 2017   Edit Profile

Hi, I am quite funny and Independent boy. I have some qualities which make everybody comfortable to understand me like I am not here on this earth to give up challenges. I am here to take challenges on every moment in any circumstances until unless I here because I always ready to learn something when I take it. Patience is my strongest plus point because it makes me strong. I am physically strong because I am not a disable also an actor. I do act inside and outside.

There are two persons in my life where I get Inspirations. My dad is first inspiration who inspire me how to stand in real life. and the second inspiration is Actor Paresh Rawal who inspire me for the same how to stand in reel life. And This is motto in my life to be good man be it professional or be it personal. My hobbies are chatting, watching movies and as usual listening to music. I never thought about how it is tough. I only do what I think mentally physically I am made for it. Recently I have done a pageant of Mr North India 2016 presented by Glambirds Entertainment in which I was the contestant.

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Profile published on : December 25, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a keen observer and diligent learner with good communication skills and a pleasant personality. With a dream to see myself in the mass media, I did my post-graduation in Mass Communication from Jadavpur University. My biggest plus is my friendly nature along with my indomitable spirit to excel. I don't give up when the road looks tough, instead I have a persistent bent of mind to win.

I am athletically built with radiant skin and thick black healthy hair. My face coupled with myriad expressions and moods can double as a cute boy as well as a hot man. As for my hobbies, I love painting, singing, photography, bodybuilding and outdoor sports (like cricket and football). I am self-trained in all of these. Other than these, through my extensive attachment to movies, both Indian and Hollywood, I have discovered that I have a keen knack towards acting and dancing too. Just waiting for the right opportunity to express myself.

A genie in the bottle, waiting for a stroke of luck. Modelling has always been my passion and I think I have the right looks and attitude to be a good and effective model. Being a mass communication student, I have been working in the advertising industry for the past 3 years. In this time I have done some amateur modelling and now I want to be a professional model. I have featured in OOH campaigns of Kolkata Police's road safety advertisements. I have also featured in a OOH campaign of OPTM, an Indian healthcare brand.

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Profile published on : September 5, 2016   Edit Profile

To begin, I have a good hold over English, Hindi and Marathi language. I am profoundly interested in English literature, theatrical plays and all types of stage performances, including dance. I have also attended dance course, and I practice dancing. I am strongly interested in fine art and fashion too. That makes me keen about dressing and the way I look. I dress in a simple yet sophisticated manner, and I am quite appreciated by my friends and colleagues for my classy dressing style. That coupled with bits of natural good features, makes me look appealing.
Although I don't possess a bulky muscular physique yet, I am gradually working my way towards it. I work out, stretch a lot, and I pay attention to my diet so that I don't have fat deposits on my body. I am well educated working professional, who has a dream in modelling, traveling the world, and who is willing to work hard to materialize this with the hope that I get the best as I give my best. I have attended acting and dance workshops. I have also participated in stage plays.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : September 1, 2016   Edit Profile

Hi, this is Victor, a Software Engineer by profession. Today I want to be a part of Southcast to gear up a acting/modelling career in this tough industry. I'm here to know me, the inner of mine. I believe, through this industry I could define myself each and every with the very best in me. My plus point is that I love to love this planet without having any artificial gesture. Coming to my physic, I am of an average looking guy with lots of potential in my mind which gives me strength to fight down.

I am a sportsman from core of my heart. I was a member of my school/college cricket team. In fact I am fond of any kind of sport. Apart from that I am a big fan of music and movies as well (when I get time of work). Pretty adventurous sometimes alone, mostly with my gang. I don't have any professional exposure to model agency, but I know through my belief and rigorous dedication, I can touch the top and entertain you and that would be my happiest day ever. Thank you! Short drama in college event. Ramp walk in college event. Music competition in school/college. At professional level, still a fresher.

Profile published on : August 14, 2016   Edit Profile

Sir, I am a fresher in this field i have passion and interest in making a life or career in acting, I want an opportunity to work in TV series, movies or photo-shoot. I believe that my clarity and carving and love for acting will help create a good work. I thank you for going through my application and wish to work with you in future.

I am interested in acting and modelling since childhood I liked to stand in front of mirror and act and do some dance steps, I was not at all interested in studies but my parents forced me and made me study which made me dul. l Like my age is 28 now so the time when i was in teenage there were no movies like "tare zameen par" and no awareness about different option  a man can take to live life but now i have grown up and confident and also focused as how to live life but cultivating our interests and so I am interested to pursue my childhood passion acting and modelling i have a good physique and have interest in acting and modelling. I am searching for an opportunity to work. I thank you for going through my profile and wish to work with you in future.

Bangalore , Karnataka , India
Profile published on : August 12, 2016   Edit Profile

My work experience include being a part of theater Group in Bangalore called "YoursTruly Theater" . I have also trained to sharpen my acting skills in a couple of more theaters "Improve Theater" and "Playback theater" . I have been a part of 11 plays (& counting) out of which 3 were Commercial Plays & rest were performed @ NGOs , Schools , Colleges as creating Human Value awareness . I have also been a part of 2 Movies in Kannada , 1> Nan Love Track , 2> First rank raju , of which the promo is available on You tube . Plays have been in Hindi , Kannada , English , Gibberish.

I am an aspiring Model and a Theater Actor doing a Unique format of theater called IMPROVE Theater , In this format only half of the play will be rehearsed only for the audience to complete the story and actors performing it back for them on Spot . Am also doing playback theater , in which the stories will be taken from the audience and played back to them on spot completely unrehearsed . My inspiration has always been Dr.Rajkumar sir"GOD of Acting" , a veteran from Kannada film Industry & Mr.Pacino "the BOOK of Acting". Movies have been my ultimate hobby besides Music and My dream is my motto and its as simple as waking up in the morning , going to shoot , acting in front of the camera , making as much money to earn the daily bread for my family and go back to sleep knowing that tomorrow will be more of " Lights Camera Action" .

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Profile published on : August 11, 2016   Edit Profile

Hi my self Divyesh kapadia , am 23 yrs old very much passionate about modeling carrer , i have been born and brought up in Mumbai. I am very much fresher in this glamour industry as i have only done fashion and ramp so far but looking forward to work more in this industry with professional people. I like to play outdoor games more , my hobby is to listen soft romantic songs , and m huge fan of Hrithik Roshan i like to collect all the latest information and news of him and he is my idol . I would like to work with him if i got chance in future. My vital stats i have mentioned in the form and i do have my portfolio and have uploaded pics too. and i do have my passport.

Khalilabad,Sant Kabir Nagar,Uttar Pradesh. India
Profile published on : August 9, 2016   Edit Profile

I am totally packed with quality. I want to be an Actor and I Am sure that I will be. I have a good comic level (Best). Excellent Timing of saying anything to anyone which increases the comedy level of mine. A Singer By heart and want to be also, A small Dancer, knows all Govinda ji steps. An obsessed Person of Music and also I want to be. There is nothing which i don't want to do. I am also Preparing For IITs in order to do computer science and make my own company of Game and Animation department Which Rebuilds the Mahabharata and Ramayana in a whole Jaw Dropping Animation and Also Wants To Make Games Of them In which The level of animation is damn too high. So,If Become something the World will get a Master-educated, All Rounder And Also Filmfare And Oscars Winner Man.

1.Dancing(Inspired By Govinda And Hritik Roshan)
2.Acting (Inspired By Akshay Kumar,Amitabh Bachchan,Irrfan Khan etc.)
3.Singing (Inspired By Sonu Nigam,Arijit Singh,Udit Narayan)
4.Musician (Inspired By Nadeem-Shravan
Still A Fresher, but My Friends say that you have to try acting and modeling because I have a great sense of humor and comedy level, thinking of my comic level is just awesome, I don't need scripts to speak, My mind says it's the better things to speak that thing, so i also have a great timing of speaking anything. I am a dancer little bit, a comedian, An Actor, Good looking Fair And Handsome But One Problem Which Comes In My Career Is My Skinny Body But Bad that type of skinny (The Machinist).

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Mumbai, Maharashtra. India
Profile published on : August 8, 2016   Edit Profile

My versatility lends itself well to various modeling needs. I possess a unique look that stands out from the crowd but I can adapt to various moods and styles. I'm confident I can meet your needs on any campaign and that I can deliver the dramatic look you're after. In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m also a fanatic for new and exciting challenges – particularly when it comes to being able to contribute creatively.

I am aware that you will receive a large number of applications, but I would very much appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate my capabilities to you in person. I believe that I have a lot to offer you and your organization. My profile and pictures speak for themselves. I can be contacted at ANY TIME OF THE DAY on the contact details provided.

Profile published on : August 8, 2016   Edit Profile

Actually i've been trying to enter in films and modelling since 2010, some actor has suggested me to try until you succeed so it's been 2015 am 22 now, born in 1993 am not using a phone so mentioned my friend anurag's phone number, if you have any chances to make me a model or actor contact him sweetly :) he's a best friend to me and i'm interested in modelling and acting want to do it with reputed people and concepts So, you can expect talent and handsomeness from me.

I am unique and special i can spend  hours and days and nights to get the expression what a director needs and same goes for acting, stunts, where i have a belief that people going to like me and it boosts me up the confidence,i have role models they are , Shun Oguri Japanese actor, leebyung hun, lee min ki, Tom Cruise, Vivek Oberoi, Arya, Kunal Khemu, Allari naresh. My plus points are involving in director's concepts and stunts like action,athletic bulid broad shoulders with good muscles,i can direct small videos and also be a cameraman for it, i can be friendly with good people around me yeah am average at dancing and my high bass voice may not suits for singing Lol. My inspiration as i said before, Shun Oguri, LeeByung Hun, Lee Min Ki, Vivek oberoi, Arya, Vikramjeet virk, kunal khemu, allari naresh. My hobbies are reading tom sawyers' gang and few regional languages books with humor. Basically I can't afford photoshoots, i am prepared for director's and cameraman's thoughts!

New Bombay, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : August 8, 2016   Edit Profile

I have performed live songs (open-mic) with my guitar at various pubs and have thoroughly enjoyed it as much as the audience at the various venues. I have not yet done any professional photo-shoots or worked for a professional modelling or film company. I did a bit of theatre and filming as part of university many years ago as that was merely out of an interest and passion to express one's self in front of the spotlight.

I would love to get into the modelling/acting field even though I have never done anything professional yet because I believe that I can prove to be an excellent catch as I can feel it in my bones and in everything I am. I am a good communicator, great with people, and am a passionate socialite, and I think with a little guidance and mentoring I can form part of a very valuable asset to any firm looking for raw talent in the modelling/acting industry.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : May 28, 2015   Edit Profile

I have been an amateur stage actor and singer for 5 years. Currently under going method acting training at the Jeff Goldberg Studio in Mumbai. I am highly energetic and enthusiastic. Travel, meditation , healing and therapy are some of my interests. My aim is to explore my fullest creative potential by challenging myself and trying out new things.

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