Assorted profiles of professional hardcore Indian male actors and brilliant performers. Most of these individuals come from a theater background and possess strong acting skills. Significant few already have an established acting career in mainstream Bollywood.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra
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I am Rajesh and want to be an actor. I have a huge passion for acting and I love being in front of the camera.
I am tall enough standing at 5 Feet 10 inches. I have a short hair natural Brown with a native skin tone. Although I am a fresher in terms of experience at this moment, I believe given a right opportunity I can deliver the performance expected of me. I am a highly disciplined, determined and strongly believe in professional work ethics.

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Chennai, India
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Im 42 years fit and smart looking Male possessing natural acting talent with good timing and sense of Humor. Easily adapting to situation and understanding the concept. Successful professional left high paid senior role in Management in Dubai to pursue my passion in the modelling and Acting industry. Dedicated full time to avail any opportunity. Done 2 ad shoots, 1 short film and 1 feature Film in Tamil. presently part of a another Tamil feature Film.
Highly motivated, disciplined and focused to make a foot print in this Industry and now based in Chennai India to dedicate Full time in this Industry. Willing to be part of Print, Commercial, Film And TV serials. Proficient in Tamil, English, Hindi and Malayalam Languages. I have done 2 ad shoots, 1 short film and acted in 1 Feature Film. My shot was used a Film teaser in all Channels before Release. Presently acting in 1 more feature Film.

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Bhapal,madhya pradesh,India.
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I can give my look to a great photogenic wow, my way to give my look angle in front of the camera. My inspirations, good movies, nice acting, Dev sahab & Mr.Jackie shroff, my hobbies is to live myself for the media, modellings, the acting & the films. I know the media is too tough for it I keep on growing day by day,I never leave hope that work comes near to hope to the stage and the man for the public. I have done many TV serials,like chandra kanta, shanti, yug and many more.

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I am an experienced actor and a commercial model. I have acted in several adfilms and commercials and shortfilms. I am a sport person. Especially football is my favorite sport. I like to dance and know a good step and two. The two commercials I recently did was jayalakshmi tv commercial and sulthan gold tvc. Both of the brands I did for south indian companies.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Something that has proven to be different about me than anyone else is that I like to get into the solution of things. I am very goal oriented, and like to accomplish things. It doesn't even matter what it is, even if it's checking something off. I'm excited when I can finish something that I worked really hard on. I am proud to have a lean body / athletic body and i started career in entertainment industry as a Dancer for group doing corporate shows so i have a dancing skills.
I get inspiration from my failure because its a failure which makes me strong to go ahead and try again as i see today all the successful people have gone through the same and my hobbies are just to be in one empty room and practicing my acting skills and of course i want to be a great Actor and Businessman with an helping attitude. There is no doubt that its one of the toughest industry where success ratio in minimum but i also believe if you are passionate, have faith and believe in yourself. My modeling and acting experiences include a show - Police Files (Big Magic Show) for 11, Episodes in the year 2012 - 2013. I worked in Short Film on Terrorist Activity directed by Amar Upadhyay (Lead Actor of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi BahuThi) in the year 2013. Also worked in Jugni Chali Jalandhar & Ring Wrong Ring (Sab TV Show) as one day Artist in the year 2012 - 2013. Also Done Lots of Print Ads for Times Life (Sunday Times Of India).

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
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I was anchoring for a phone-in-program for a local cable TV network channel in Cochin, before I shifted to Chennai. I am a 34 year old, self-motivated, highly confident guy. I am 5’6” tall. I am frank, focused and hardworking. I am attracted to the show-biz and I realize the amount of hard work and hope that goes into every project. My interest lay in the acting. I love to emote.  I have acted in a short film, as the protagonist. This film talks how in today's society, protests are confined to arm chairs. Watch it here:

I have attended the Evam’s 'First Rush' – their work shop on drama, acting skills and direction. The work-shop culminates with an on stage drama performance to a crowd of friends, relatives and related media.

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