Although we try to keep an updated list of international models in India who are available in town. They are still a subject to availability depending on several factors such as visa status etc. This category contains both male and female international models. Some of them are direct and some of them may be outsourced.

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Profile published on : July 4, 2015   Edit Profile

I'm a french model looking to associate with media professionals and do some modeling works abroad. I love to travel and discover new places, cultures and countrysides. I was born in Paris and lived few month in China, America and some Europeans countries, which gave me an open eyes on the world we are living in. I'm outgoing, extrovert, adventurer and sociable. I'm also rigorous and hardworking when needed. Some friends say about me that I am this kind of "crazy girl" who can one day party on and another one be very serious.

I think that what make me particular is my ability to switch my personality according to the circumstances. I also have adaptation facilities due to my diverse traveling experiences. As a photographer told me one day, my ability to play with the camera and to switch to different face expressions, having at the same time different body language, is a main tool of pictures success. I will be happy to model for an eligible brand being an international model bringing some french touch.

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Los Angeles, California, USA
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I am a US. based professional international model and actress. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana that moved to Los Angeles recently. Have done different print ads with New Orleans brands including NOLA bikinis, NOLA Wedding Guide, and others. Walked in fashion shows for Pedram Couture and also New York Couture fashion week. Worked as featured extras in various films.

I have always been fascinated by Bollywood industry and have been wishing to start my modeling and acting career in India. I am looking to broaden my horizons and work in India. I think I am ready to make this huge jump and start my career there. I have witnessed a couple of local models here who has been a raging success there, so really have my spirits up. I am looking forward to be represented by southcast.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Still a fresher. I'm a Swiss girl, with a very fair skin and a unique look. My rockin' haircut style is my signature. I am pretty sure no other model will have those features in India. I have always been confident that my looks always grab people's attention. That can help build a brand's image.

I am currently based in Mumbai, India. I have a graceful body language.I am inclined more towards fashion and ramp works rather than film or advertisements, but provided something good comes up I am definitely in. I am fluent in English and French languages.

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