This category showcases profiles of newcomer male applicants, who has a better potential than an absolute newcomer.  Profiles in this category are generally promoted quickly to professional male models once they grab a little bit of experience and camera time. Appropriate tags may still apply depending on their choice of genre of modeling and acting.

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actor male
Mumbai, Maharashra, India
Profile published on : January 15, 2017   Edit Profile

As I have grown up and explored my life, I have realized that I gain a strange satisfaction by entertaining people around me. Every time I am with people or at get-together I make sure people have good time when they are in my company. I do take time to open up but I make an effort to do it. No specific 'plus-points'. I'm humorous, witty & a sensitive guy who believes he sings well enough to not make people leave the room! Like every second Indian, I'm a Cricket fanatic. I take inspiration from anyone who has or is doing something for which he had to sail against the tide. It can come from the glamour world or from a vegetable vendor. I believe knowledge and inspiration is everywhere, we just need to be open for it.

Haven't done anything great to prepare myself for this 'daunting' career. The fact that I'm enjoying this session means I'm here to enjoy my journey and grow as an individual with every step. I'm a passionate lover, and I love this field! A fresher in Acting / Modelling. Was an AD in TV for 4 months. Apart from that, have 1 year experience in Advertising agency under my belt. Just want to entertain people and enjoy the process.

male actor
Guwahati, assam. India
Profile published on : December 25, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a simple guy, lean and thin. I have a will to explore the modelling, advertising world etc. My hobbies are singing (bathroom), cycling and listening to music, and adventure tour.  I am a nature lover more than any historic places. Currently pursuing and that's why a little restriction to explore.

I am not a masculine but due to height I didn't think about it and even now, cause everywhere I hear the height has been mentioned that a guy need more than 5 feet 7 inches in glamour industry, that's why I feel to be useless sometimes as I don't have such height but even someone ask me for photo shoot for the magazines, modelling or whatever acting I am ready for it, cause in my opinion to remain fit is much more important than you build the body to show self as a hunk. Dedication will be focused after completion of study.

I haven't gone for any photo shoots but I have a will to go for it. I haven't done any acting course. People are in hurry to get into glamour industry by absorbing the bodybuilding concept which is a stressful for many, but if we can take initiatives for persons like me, we can do much better than others, cause in comparison to bodybuilding guys, there are more lean and thin guys to average guys in our country, who want to enroll themselves into modelling, acting and so many..and thus that will make a business plan better with such entry of guys. But due to height problem , thin body and so on ,there is no chance for them. Why should copy other, if we know the fact that will work, why not we can go with such initiatives. However to remain fit is good for all, and building a body is a self help. If we go by new concept..we can at least come forward to enroll ourselves.

Mumbai male actor
Profile published on : September 4, 2016   Edit Profile

Hello there, I am basically from Indore, India. with charismatic personality which includes good physique as well. Hardwork, honesty and confidence are my strength.I am good in fitness and have got some dancing skills.I am state level cricket player and national handball player. I like to travel,sports and movies.Modelling and acting is my passion. The most important thing about me is that I belong to a defense family ( family background with key members in Indian army ). I have done print modelling and ramp shows earlier.

Mumbai,maharasthra. India.
Profile published on : September 4, 2016   Edit Profile

In terms of uniqueness I am no different then others apart from if i crave for something ill go all the way to achieve it. Looks always been my plus point ,my eyes & beard. I am quite an adventurous guy & i like visiting orphanage & old age homes & lend my support in any possible ways. Sachin tendulkar has always been my inspiration . The never say die attitude has always motivated me to dream big & achieve my goals. Apart from Sachin I feel inspired by farhan akhtar . My hobbies are gymming , outing with friends & bikes . My motto is to make it big in glamour industry. Frankly speaking i have nothing great as in to be a part of this industry, but it has been my dream & this time im going with my heart to accomplish my dreams.

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Profile published on : September 4, 2016   Edit Profile

I am still a fresher looking for opportunities in modeling and acting. I've attained no former training in modeling and acting. I've always believed in a life lived never before... A life I choose on my own and built it with passion and dreams. I have been interested in glamour world since I am aware of myself, so seeking an entrance since then. I belong to a lower middle class family so there are lots of hurdles to face most of them are financially still trying my best. I never give up that's has been the best quality I have.

I am a God gifted Dancer, Actor, Sketch artist, Cook, Photographer and much more. Copying different accents easily helps me with my acting. Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, Tom Hanks, Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal and Siddharth Malhotra are Inspiraions. I am not only serious about my Modeling and acting career but crazy too. I have dreamed about it to my whole life I'm not gonna stop until I reach my goal. The enthusiasm, madness and creativeness is into my heart and will lead me there.

Panaji, Goa. India
Profile published on : August 12, 2014   Edit Profile

I am Akshay Puranik, Goa the land of sand and sun. I am a Hotel Management degree holder and i have worked abroad as a bartender. Bar tending is my hobby. I became serious about modeling in 2010 where i participated for Youth eye 2010 a beauty pageant where in i won the best photogenic face and was named chocolate boy. I represented Goa in cricket and basketball. love making new friends. I love clicking photographs. I am a bike freak and love traveling. Ducati bikes are on my wishlist. World tour is my ultimate fantasy to explore the beautiful scenes and beauty. I love ramp modelling and have a biggest aim to walk for fashion week around the world and the country. I want to be the 1st person from India to walk for Milan, New York etc fashion week.
As far as my work experience is concerned - I have been a finalist for talent hunt ++ Youth Eye 2010 ++ winning Best Photogenic Face. I have worked with fashion designers from Goa and walked ramp for Levi's, Lawman Pg3, Killers jeans, Ad shoot for Boroplus & Clean & Clear face scrub. I have worked for music video ( sameer - Yeh Jo Halka Halka). I have been a brand ambassador for college event K-OSS 2012.

Profile published on : September 14, 2014   Edit Profile

I am Cute ♥ Smart ♥ Intelligent ♥ Nice ♥ Loving ♥ Caring ♥ Dashing ♥ Adorable ♥ Marvelous ♥ Attractive ♥ Friendly ♥ Lovely Attitude ♥ faithful ♥ ambitious ♥ sensitive ♥ silent ♥ very good in hide emotions ♥ full of good qualities ♥ Responsible and someone who smiles a Lot ♥ Friendly Personality ♥ Outstanding ♥ Excellent Listener ♥ Happy face ♥ ideal ♥ Naughty ♥ Unique ♥ Very-Cool ♥ Good-looking ♥ Glamorous ♥ Beautiful Eye-catching.
My Hobbies include playing outdoor sports like cricket, football, athletics games. My life motto is ''do whatever you want to do" and everything is possible. I have a good acting skills, and Very Catchy look. I want to be a Model as with my special skill is i can impress even someone who want to ignore me. I believe that if you dream for it then you can do for it.

Profile published on : February 23, 2015   Edit Profile

I am a hardworking individual who wants to build a good acting profile. My previous jobs in Film shoots have provided me extensive experiences of working on film sets. My first ever experience as a model was at the age of four at a photo shoot of Suzuki Motor Company which was held in 1997 Germany, Since than I have always been passionate about acting.

I have given a Brief introduction about myself in last page and i would like to tell you a bit more. I have lived in India for 8 years and 8 years in London. Many people have recommended modelling to me. I have studied acting in London. My hobby is sports such as horse riding, boxing and mixed martial arts. Sorry for double photo submission of photo these are all I have.

New Delhi, Delhi, India
Profile published on : September 4, 2014   Edit Profile

I am an Individual with enthusiasm to make and be part of creative work.  What excites and encourages me in this competitive industry is that we are all unique and I am comfortable and confident with my looks and physical make up. I derive a lot of inspiration as an actor from 'Kathakali - a classical Indian dance' to mention one, and I have always taken pleasure working in groups as there always felt to be a sense of belonging. I believe it is in these moments of joint effort we grow with responsibility and passion towards each other and for the work we create. I have learnt from my experiences, good and bad and I believe am still learning, and I want to continue living exploring, creating and achieving. I am fond of cricket and football, like to travel and love to eat and try different cuisines.

I have never worked in television, films or photo shoots on a professional level, but all my experiences listed below though little has made me aware of myself, and I have learnt from them, and I want to explore and grow on the professional front.


Mumbai model male
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Profile published on : August 23, 2016   Edit Profile

People close to me say that I am very expressive in my actions and my cominc timings are aswesome and have a great sense of humor. They have been very encouraging to get me into the television or film industry so here I am. My plus qualities are my outstanding physique and ability to pose in front of the camera. My hobbies are sketching, and swimming.

portfolio images Milan.Italy models male
Milan.Italy & Sriangar, Kashmir.India
Profile published on : August 23, 2016   Edit Profile

Mounis Ratta , a simple young man from business family background, studying fashion styling in Milan , Italy as well as interested in Modelling , acting , breakdancing and also fitness freak. My hobbies are breakdancing and exploring new cities. My special skills are breakdancing again also i am a calisthenic athlete (still learning). Still a Fresher looking for an opportunity.

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