Individuals in this category are basically female newcomer aspirants who shows a little bit more promise than an absolute newbie. They either are skilled in a particular talent or are generally good looking or are extremely disciplined talents, what it means is basically this category features new candidates who are a bit better than absolute newcomers.

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glamorous Mumbai
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profile published on : December 26, 2016   Edit Profile

I am an interesting individual with many different interests and talents. I love learning new things and growing in knowledge and experience with them. My primary hobbies are art, dancing, creative designing, shopping, reading and the list goes on. I am open to print shoots and catalog shoots as i am pursuing my fashion design course. And it would be a good means for side income while studying. Please note that Im not interested in any revealing type of media like lingerie etc. If u find my profile suitable for any decent role, feel free to contact me.

I am 24, I have lived in newzealand for 10 yrs, and came bk to Mumbai 4 yrs ago. While i was pursuing my B.A degree I worked in many different fields to gain knowledge, experience and of course income. The areas i worked was as a teacher, an executive assistant to the director, and also in the hospitality industry . I HAve been photographed by a free lance photographer 2 yrs ago, for small projects. Currently I am pursuing a fashion design course as I am interested in fashion and i have a flair for art. Modelling for print shoots is something i am looking at while studying as a side income.

female acting indian models Mumbai
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
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Everyone is special and I feel I have my own uniqueness. Whenever I try out any clothing in any showroom, 9/10 times it fits/suits me well. I know I've got that potential, it just needs exposure to the right place. Modelling and acting were my ultimate desires since childhood.. they've turned to be my goals now. I like singing. I've been the Sports Captain of my school in my 12th grade. I got 91% in science in the same class. I've taken online belly dancing classes.Hence, I consider myself an allrounder. I know how to mold my physique into desired figure. I expertise in what I practise.

I'll try my best that whoever invests money on me results in profiting himself.
I'm genuinely in love with travelling & knowing new people too. I'll do anything to prove myself as an asset to the person I work with, e.g. I'll go bald if needed. My inspirations- Priyanka Chopra, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Bill Gates, & many more..
I am a hard-worker. And, most importantly, I focus on being an asset for whoever I work for. I hope people may have a good time working with me. Bless you all.

Chennai model
Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India
Profile published on : December 24, 2016   Edit Profile

I am versatile. I am good in modern as well as traditional outfits. Same way I can do classical and western dance. I have a long hair, fair complexion, I am a classical as well as western dancer. I am a singer also. I am an IT professional but always dream about the world of dance, acting. There are lot of artist who were engineers and doctors. They came out of their shell to the world of arts. They are my inspiration.

My hobbies are dancing, singing, driving,watching movies of different types. People who all see my performance say that there is an artist in me which outside world has to see. Their words are my motivation. For the past 20 years i am learning dance. I did so many programs. That helped me to grab confidence to face public. Since the starting of teenage, dancing, acting modelling are in my mind. By seeing movies I used to do the same in my own way. But I couldn't find a medium through which I can get into the field of modelling.
I am a fresher. Since the starting of teenage, acting is in my mind.By seeing movies I used to do the same in my own way. But I couldn't find a medium through which I can get into the field of acting or modelling.

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Is hard working, positive, friendly and always smiling. my motto ? its simple - you only live once,so enjoy every second of it. Follow your heart cause it will never let you down. My hobbies are playing basketball, writing poems, surfing the net and staying fit.  Always wanted to be part of the fashion industry.Used to model when I was a child. I believe that anyone can be a model, as long as they have that spark in them. Personally i am a person who is very calm, helpful and open to new ideas. I do zumba and aerobics a lot which has become my new hobby.. anything that has music to it is perfect for me. I have done a photoshoot in Bangkok for jewellery but apart from that I am still a fresher in modelling.

female artist
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I am from Kolkata currently settled in Mumbai. I am extremely passionate about acting , singing and modelling. I have trained at balaji ice in acting and was the best student there with the highest marks both in theory and practicals. I was voted the college Queen in Ms Inbox ..there was a talent round in which I sang , a stage walk after which only four people were shortlisted and a question answer session after which I was declared the college Queen. I have done a film called Flushed where I played the female lead. It will be shown at Cannes around this year but the URL has not been uploaded on YouTube as per their privacy policy .

I have worked as an anchor at Ficci Flo film festival after which I was appreciated to be the best intern. Have done a short film as the female lead which is likely to be screened at Cannes called Flushed. Have done a diploma film called ruk jaana nahi from Balaji ICE acting training institute as the female lead. Became the college Queen of my college whistling woods international with stage walk and presence of mind in the question and answer session.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA
Profile published on : August 21, 2016   Edit Profile

Hi ! My nick name is MONAL. Everyone Calls me by this name. I am jolly kind of nature person and can gel up easily and very straight forward and easy going person. I am really interested and looking forward to do shoots for PRINT ADS, COMMERCIAL ADS, etc. I know i am a fresher but i have a good photogenic face with a beautiful eyes and i have a straight long hair black that is god gifted. I believe being natural is something called "BEAUTY". Rest i will give my best poses in front of camera as i am always a selfie queen and fond of clicking pictures. My hobbies are traveling, dancing, and it also includes clicking pictures wherever i go i click hundreds of pictures I love to be in front of camera and give poses.

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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By profession I am an Software Engineer working on Ericsson. I love my profession but except these I want to make another identity of myself. I act only two short drama in my school but people say I am a born actor with some precious expression which changes over a second. My hobbies is reading story book and traveling new places. Without these I always try for something new in my life. I am very versatile and passionate about my work. I know I look very pretty when I dressed up well. So, now I want to become a model..wanna try new style...with ethnic or western wear and want to act any short character in film. And I am completed my B.Tech from IEM which is a well known college for its restriction, discipline. That's all about me. I wanna to put my leg in a new world and want to make my identity
I am a fresher

London, Uk
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I want to give my best while working with the best and be able to tell myself that I am part of creating what everyone loves. I am able to work long hours, nights and days. I’m all for working on different locations. Where ever it may be. Best part of the job I would say. I love traveling, seeing and learning new and different things. I understand I’m new to the industry but I am confident I would be a great addition. I understand the importance of being professional and focused. I am able to work independently and patiently with dedication which prove to be beneficial to whatever work environment I am in. I have developed to quickly adapt to the work methods and routines of my employers. My strong work ethic leads to me getting tasks done swiftly and efficiently, and my ability to time manage and multitask ensures that I am capable of keeping up with various tasks.

best female Delhi
Delhi, Delhi, India
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I remember how I had an interest in acting and modelling since the time when I started to watch Disney channel, and that interest intensified when my drama teacher in school offered to take me in one of the drama competitions at inter-school level. It was like a "Happy Realization" moment for me right then, and I knew what I wanted to do with myself in life. The best thing about me physically is that my body knows how to adapt very quickly. It will lose weight really quickly if the role demands it to. (Not that I've a fat body right now!) I believe that my facial features are quite striking; I have an aura that attracts people to me.
I'm inspired my anything and anything that does something fabulous. My hobbies are acting, dancing, writing, and singing. Yes, I will be dedicated towards this business, mostly because I have no plan B in my head. This is it for me, no turning back. I am still a fresher, technically.

portfolio female actress
Santa Cruz, Mumbai, India
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I was born in India but raised in the U.S. Nonetheless, ever since I was a child I've been fascinated by Bollywood dance as I've done dance performances as a hobby. Other then dancing, I enjoy working out and learning new things as I go. I believe that ones knowledge is the greatest ability anyone can hold which no one is able to take away.
I have a background in Business Administration as I've completed my Bachelors in the field along with work experience as a manager. This has taught me to learn my strengths and weaknesses.

My strengths include being a: hard worker, dedicated, and problem solver. My weaknesses include being a : perfectionist, overachiever, and afraid of failure. I believe ones passion can take an individual to great heights as long as the focus and determination is present. My determination to become a successful model and actress will allow me to take on further challenges and grow as an individual. Currently, I am still a fresher as I have yet to gain experience in modeling / acting.

Mumbai, India
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I am a Gemini girl and have passion for acting and modeling (commercial). I love my body which has beautiful curves and I love trying new things to enrich my experiences and broaden my mind. Life is a colorful and fun carnival in my eyes. I embrace with gratitude and enthusiasm my dynamic and exciting life. "Change" and "freedom" are two key words for my life which I can not live without. I have always loved working (abrpad as well) and my jobs have always been fun and interesting. I like to go running and do yoga.

I am sweet, smart, pretty, funny, energetic, creative and versatile. I smile and laugh a lot and also bring joy to everybody around me. I have a beautiful spirit, a warm heart and a great sense of humor. I have strong faith and good energy. I'm also blessed with the intelligence, focus, perseverance and physical stamina to achieve any goal I set. I am a dreamer, a doer and a fighter. I explore; I discover; I conquer.

Pune female
Profile published on : August 19, 2016   Edit Profile

I am a very vibrant person. I am full of energy and confidence with a very cheerful and positive attitude. I have roamed a lot around the world which has added to my personality and made me grow in many ways. Since my childhood, I had a passion for modelling and I have always been a head turner. Wherever I go, I stand out. My strengths are my confidence and my poise. I have always had a flair for modelling and had participated in pageants and fashion as the opportunity presented itself. Though I have a good physique and body language, I have worked towards getting it toned furthermore. I have the discipline, dedication and ambition required for this career along with immense love for fashion and this career. I get all of these traits from my upbringing in an army background. I hope you like my profile and give me a start in this career.
I am a fresher with a natural flair for modelling. I come from an army background and have participated in many pageants and small scale fashion shows.

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